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What Happened Next

Half a million, well just over.  That was the number of minutes that the course of the book Cushions, Corruption and Crime covered.  Ok, it did at times creep a little into the future, but the majority was within this large, but neat, period.  It sounds like a lot, an awful lot.  But then an awful lot happened.

Another two years (over a million minutes if you are still counting) passed before I achieved full closure on the activity from that fateful year.

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Caroline - The less perfect side of interior design

It's not often you come across an interior design book that allows a sneak behind the perfectly draped curtain, revealing the slightly more ugly but sadly all too common side of this industry. I applaud Abigail for such a warts-and-all account of this moment in her career, making for an insightful and interesting read, whether you work within the industry or are an outsider intrigued by its inner workings.

Laura B - Who would have thought!

Who knew what a rollercoaster of a job interior design could be. So many colourful characters! A fascinating read and Abigail's personality really shines through. I thoroughly recommend this book!

Amazon Customer - Brilliant from start to finish!

A fast paced, entertaining story told with amazing honesty and humour. Who knew so much could happen in one year?! A totally relatable story of someone facing challenges, road blocks and somehow escaping with their sanity intact to fight another day!