Third stage is Designs and options

Once you’re happy, the work begins.

You’ll give me a project brief, whether that’s for an item, a room or even a whole house.

This is a thorough process, and takes in everything you want – your ‘options’. If you want furniture, what pieces? Do you want me to look at floor coverings? Is decoration needed? Curtains? It’s up to you how much you want to change. I’ll go away and do my research, then come back with my recommendations for every option. (They’ll all conform to the design strategy, to ensure everything’s on brief). For every option, I’ll give you three choices.

  • A ‘considered’ purchase. From everything I know about you, this will be the perfect choice, and I’m sure you’ll love it – so if it’s expensive, it’ll be worth it
  • Middle price range
  • The cost-effective option

As an example, a considered choice might be an original piece of art. The middle choice might be a print, and the cheaper option a photograph in a frame. It’s all about choice within your design style, but at different price points – so you’re always in charge of your budgets.

We’ll use these items to build up a picture of the room, and when you’re happy, we’re ready to go. We’ll move to Delivery.