Abigail Hall is an expert in assessing and resolving design stage issues. Used as a ‘fixer’ by both main contractors and developers on high end residential and complex commercial schemes, she prides herself in her ability to identify where the design programme isn’t functioning fully and implement a plan to deliver coordinated, accurate, buildable designs to timescales which meet the needs of both the procurement and build teams.

Irrespective of what RIBA stage you are at with your design, Abigail can add value by analysing the design deliverables and making recommendations on changes / enhancements to not only the process but also management.


High profile bespoke commercial scheme. Traditional Contract. Stage 4

A very high profile scheme covered in the national media was being developed by a main contractor for a Transitional Contract. Abigail helped identify 1500 RFI’s for missing, uncoordinated or incorrect technical design details and resolved to close these out in less than four months. In addition to this Abigail clarified the scope and extent of the Contractor Design Portion to enable accurate time planning and costing for this element. The main contractor went on to successfully enter stage 5 and are now delivering on time and budget.

High end Residential scheme. Developer. Stage 5

Abigail was brought in during a significant project change during the build stage. A high number of complex client changes had been agreed and required implementing as well as a change of use for one block within the development. Abigail undertook a change audit and put in place a customer change build process which included on site quality assurance of changes, management of specialist subcontractors for the precise needs and successful handover to the purchaser. Abigail also contributed to the achievement of the Evening Standard London residence of the year for a penthouse which was developed and dressed.

Private Rental Development. Design and Build. Stage 5 and 6.

Brought in to oversee the retrospective install of an underground waste evaluation system, a change during stage 5 of the project. The logistics of retrospectively connecting this system to a wider ENVAC waste management system involved co-ordination of almost every specialist consultant and contractor on site, the most delicate being the penetration of the building perimeter piles to connect to the internal hopper system. This was done successfully, on time and to the original budget thanks to the collaborative approach of managing this change. Abigail also took over the final delivery of all design elements for the project and successfully closed out the O&M process.


Please Contact us [hyperlink please] for any assistance you require for Technical / Design Management Consultation. Abigail will meet with you to assess if she is the right fit for your individual needs. Reference are available on request.