With all my designs I have one over-riding goal: to make sure it reflects you. Not just in terms of your taste, or even your favourite colours or materials, but in terms of your lifestyle.

 That’s why I start with a lifestyle consultation to understand what you like, what you don’t, what inspires you, what you like to do, what you’re looking to achieve.

Basically we’ll talk about you.

About where you’ve been, what type of styles you respond to and why. Some people have a very clear idea of what they want – polished limestone floors for example, or to capture the ‘feeling’ of a particular brand. Others are looking for inspiration. I’ll get a sense of you and what you like, whether that’s to be surrounded by gorgeous materials, or simply to have a place to kick-back and relax.

We’ll also talk about your budget (if you have one) and time-frames, so I have everything I need to start thinking about your Design Strategy.

Design Strategy

This is the most vital phase. I’ll come back to you with lots of ideas and ‘inspirations’ – illustrations, pictures and references I’ve found and built up over years. These aren’t for you to buy, but to give you a feel for the type of ‘mood’ I think you’re looking for – the colours, textures and styles.

I won’t just give you examples. I’ll explain why I’ve chosen them, and why I think they resonate with you.

It’s a kind of test to see how well I’ve understood you, because it’s vital we get the ‘mood’ and strategy just right. (If I haven’t listened to you properly and get it wrong, I won’t charge).

If you’ve given me a budget to work to, everything I show you will be achievable within it. If you haven’t, I’ll give you an estimate of costs.

Designs and options

This is the stage where plans are drawn up for the layout and all the proposed Furniture, Fixtures and Equipment is detailed and fully costed. We’ll talk about what needs to be done behind the scenes for first fix as well as the finishing. If there needs to be technical structural work or specialists invited into the project we will deliver their design and costs here. This is a multi stage process as you have the time to consider, review and ask questions about the design. We can also evolve any elements which don’t feel quite right for you.

At the end of this stage we will have a full design, procurement and install plan to deliver the changes assessed and outlined in the original lifestyle consultation. You will have the final budget for the project confirmed and will be ready to press the big ‘go’ button.

Finally – Delivery

The project delivery period will have been outlined to you during the design and options phase. We will work closely with you to communicate what we are working on and when so you can track the project progress against the original plan. We are experts at managing change and, although we hope not to, should we come across anything which wasn’t known about or planned, we will keep you fully informed and create a management plan together.