For me, interior design isn’t about ‘cushion fluffing’ or matching carpets and curtains. It goes much deeper than that. It’s about reflecting people’s personality.

Our character and tastes – our own ‘interiors’ – are made up of our individual experiences and memories. We’re influenced by places we’ve seen and liked, places we’ve felt happy in or been inspired by. My aim is to capture these interiors and express them externally, to create an environment that reflects the ‘you’ inside. I think there’s a designer inside all of us. My role is to get in touch with yours and work with you to create a home that reflects you, enhances your enjoyment and impacts positively on your lifestyle.

I believe every element of the design, every detail, should have a reason for its existence. That way it stops being an ‘element’, and becomes part of a bigger story with positive associations. Part of you in other words. You’ll feel perfectly at home, because it is home – in the most personal sense.

My designs will give you a sense of belonging, and a real sense of well-being.